For Parents

Get Peace of Mind by Keeping Your Kids Safe

Receive an alert informing you something may be wrong when your child’s game results fall below a certain measurable of their acceptable range.

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Patent Pending Process


Create Baselines

Baselines are used to compare against future results


Play Games

Get results in less than two minutes


Reveal Signs

Concussion signs are quickly identified

Individual Profiles for Each Child

There is no such thing as normal - every child has unique cognitive function abilities. Individual profiles ensure that app recommendations are made based on your child's previously established game and assessment results.

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Parents Fun and Simple Games for All Ages

Fun and Simple Games

As a fun way to pass the time, our games assess a wide spectrum of cognitive functions. Based on famous carnival games, Brain Bash measures one’s ability to focus and tests their reaction time. Recall utilizes a classic electronic game format to engage visual and sequential processing, short-term memory, and attention.

Neurologist Approved

Safe Brain was built with industry recognized concussion specialists, providing the needed expertise to identify potential concussion signs in
a new and creative way using digital game play.

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Protect your children today with the Safe Brain mobile app.