About Safe Brain

What We Believe

We believe that identifying concussion signs that would otherwise go undetected creates a better tomorrow because it helps children to develop into the best version in themselves.


Identifying The Problem

Millions of concussions go undiagnosed each year because people do not realize that one has occurred. This problem of undetected concussions has short and long-term consequences because people become 3x more likely to have a 2nd concussion before a first one has had time to fully heal.


The Solution That Works

Safe Brain was founded to shine a light on a much overlooked aspect of concussion awareness. Our process of using interactive games to reveal signs of a potential concussion that alerts caregivers to take responsible action provides a much needed solution to the growing problem of undetected concussions.

Don't be sorry, be safe...with Safe Brain.

Create a Better Tomorrow for the Children of the Future