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Establish a Few Simple Baselines

Neurological baselines are established using two interactive digital games and an easy-to-administer cognitive assessment, the Sign Inventory Tool (SIT). These baselines are created by children playing the games 5x each, and caregivers administering the SIT 2x to each child.

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Play the Games

Regular game play creates more accurate baselines and reveals signs of potential concussion events.


Receive Alerts

Get alerted when game scores fall below a certain measurable of a child’s acceptable baseline range, or if games have not been played for a certain period of time.

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Administer the SIT Test

Performed when recommended by the app based on game results, or when a concussion event is suspected by caregiver. 


Track Play & Test History

Monitor progress by viewing historical game play and assessment data in one convenient location.

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Better Safe Than Sorry

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