Keep Kids Safe by Raising Awareness

Receive game and assessment results for children associated with your organization to monitor status and determine if proper protocols are being followed.

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Patent Pending Process


Create Baselines

Baselines are used to compare against future results


Play Games

Get results in less than two minutes


Reveal Signs

Concussion signs are quickly identified

Individual Profiles

Every child has unique cognitive abilities. Individual profiles ensure you receive objective results based on the child's previously established game and SIT assessment baselines.

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Interactive Games

Our games assess a wide spectrum of cognitive functions. Brain Bash incorporates a proven method to measure focus and reaction time. Recall uses pattern recognition to test visual and sequential processing, short-term memory, and attention. Rockit utilizes the phone in a creative way to assess hand-eye coordination.

Neurologist Approved

Safe Brain was built with industry recognized concussion specialists, providing the needed expertise to identify potential concussion signs in a creative way using digital game play.

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Implementation Process


Create Invite List

Determine who will receive the Safe Brain app invitation


Establish Database

Parents receive invite to create account and user profiles


View User Status

Organization admins track user game/test history and receive alerts

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Protect your children today with the Safe Brain mobile app.