Frequently Asked Questions


Technical Support

At the Login page, click on either “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts.

Close session and reopen the app. If this doesn’t work, contact us at [email protected].


General Inquiry

Provide your Login information.

Anyone who has authorized access to the account can administer the test.

Alerts get sent when a child’s game results fall below their acceptable baseline range.

Alert window is sent to the account manager’s profile and will appear when profile is opened.

When game results or the SCAT5 test result fall below a certain measurable of the acceptable baseline range.

To give the doctor a quick comparative understanding, share the game/test history page that charts the shaded acceptable baseline range scores against the game/test scores that fell below it.

A few key concussion indicators are memory loss and decrease in focus and reaction time. Digital game play is a good way to quickly identify if these warning signs are present.

When an organization sponsored account expires, the account holder will have 14 days to continue using the app. During that time, the account can be extended for a low annual fee. Pricing is based on single accounts with one profile, or at a discounted rate via family account that allows up to six profiles. Click here for details.

In the Profile page, click “Add Profile.” Enter the name of the person you wish to add. If the name is not associated with an organization sponsored database you will be prompted to add the profile for a fee via a single profile plan or as part of a discounted family plan.