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Identify Concussion Signs That Would Otherwise Go Undetected

People are often unaware when a concussion exists because it doesn’t always take a significant injury for one to occur. Our simple to use mobile app addresses this problem in a creative way that gets results!


50% of concussions go undiagnosed

Children 5-17 are more likely to get a concussion

How do you identify the signs?

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Early Detection is Critical

Reveal Signs with Digital Game Play

Fun and simple games are used to establish neurological baselines and provide objective criteria to indicate potential signs whether or not one is aware that a concussion event has occurred.


Create Baselines

Baselines are used to compare against future results


Play Games

Get results in less than two minutes


Reveal Signs

Concussion signs are quickly identified


Numbers Don't Lie

Concussion statistics speak for themselves. According to multiple sources...


50% or more of all concussions go undiagnosed and untreated each and every year.


People are 3x more likely to get a 2nd concussion if a 1st concussion has not fully healed.


3.8M concussions each year. 60% of children concussions are from daily life - only 40% from contact sports!

Why Children are at Greater Risk

Schools, Leagues, Clubs, etc.

Keep Kids Safe by Raising Awareness

Receive game and assessment results for children associated with your organization to monitor status and determine if proper protocols are being followed.

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Get Peace of Mind by Keeping Your Kids Safe

Receive alerts when your child’s game results fall below a certain measureable of their acceptable range.

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Trusted by medical professionals, organizations, and parents

“Undiagnosed concussions are a very real and potentially serious problem.  SafeBrain has found a very simple, consumer-centric way of utilizing game play to bring potential concussion symptoms to light so they can be treated appropriately.”

Tanzid Shams, MD

Dr. Tanzid Shams, Director of Neurology at Ballad Health

Better Safe Than Sorry

Protect your children today with the Safe Brain mobile app.